At Exact Macola, we seek to provide you with as many services as possible to ensure a mutually satisfactory relationship. Here you will find access to such services, including our Health Checks and our Consultant Services. 

Consulting Services Sub-Contracting

We are creating an environment that enables you, our partners, and Exact Macola to build business together. As a reseller partner, you can directly leverage Exact Macola consulting resources. This relationship is in the form of a sub-contracting agreement.

Exact Macola consultants can be utilized in many ways including:

  • Staff augmentation
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Project management
  • Specific task completion
  • Entire project outsourcing

Consultants can identify themselves as Exact Macola employees or they can identify themselves as part of your direct organization – the choice is yours.

The sub-contracting relationship means you maintain the relationship and the agreement with your customer. The hourly rate agreed upon between you and Exact Macola will remain confidential and you can pass through or mark up the rate as desired, so that you maintain control over how the customer is invoiced.

Exact Macola also has the ability to sub-contract your resources when needed, if you choose to participate. We hope that the ability to utilize the most appropriate resources at the right time and in the right place will allow everyone to complete more business and best serve our customers. To discuss setting up a sub-contracting agreement for your organization, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director of Professional Services.


Exact offers a highly qualified and experienced team of consultants to ensure implementations and other projects are delivered on time, within budget, and according to customer expectations.

Our professional consultants and project managers help you keep your processes on track. They can support you with training, supervision and support of your co-workers. Encompassing a variety of services, some of the Exact Professional Services include:

  • Implementations, including Exact Macola, Exact Synergy, and Exact Globe
  • Add on packages, including Event Manager, WMS and Shop Floor
  • Business Process Assessments (BPA) evaluations determining how your business and software can work more effectively and efficiently

I Need Consulting Assistance

Health Check

Exact Health Checks keep your customers’ processes and software running smoothly. Regular health checks ensure that you make the most out of your Exact Macola solutions. Once a Health Check has been carried out, comprehensive reports are prepared containing all findings and providing recommendations on how to optimize your customer’s system.