Partner Program

The Exact Macola Unity Partner Program is designed to support all our partners with the necessary marketing, selling and support tools for Exact Macola’s business solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors. Our goal is to help you increase customer satisfaction, drive incremental revenue, and maximize profitability.

At Exact Macola we strive to help our partners quickly achieve their business goals and we continue to invest in our technology, as we have for more than 40 years. With our proven solution, a straight forward program, and high financial rewards, increased profitability is a reality!

Exact Macola Unity Partner Program Tiers and Benefits

The Exact Macola Unity Partner Program has the following designated tiers for solution providers:

Gold solution provider

As a Gold solution provider, and due to your significant investment in time and resources focused on Exact, you will enjoy the highest level of dedicated sales, marketing and technical support, as well as our highest level of benefit and investment, including margin and incentives. Our Gold solution providers show a desire, ability, and commitment to produce at high levels and are handsomely rewarded.

Silver solution provider

As a Silver solution provider, you have the ability to access self-service tools and support via the Exact Macola partner portal. If you choose to make a larger commitment to growing their Exact business focus and dedicate resources to meet certain requirements, you will likely be reclassified as a Gold solution provider.


Gold Partner

Silver Partner

Bronze Partner

Sales Benefits

Qualified Lead Sharing

Deal Registration

Incentives and Promotions

Sales Support: Quoting, Pricing, Proposal

Business Review




Not For Resale (NFR) Licenses for Demos

Marketing Benefits

Partner Portal Access

Marketing Development Funds (MDF)

Marketing Plan Development

Marketing Kit: Collateral, Presentations, Scripts (call/email), etc.

Unity Partner Program Identification: Logo, Insignia Badge, etc.

Website Presence: Directory Locator

Website Presence: Logo and Company Description w/hotlink

Joint Marketing Programs

Joint Customer Success/Case Study Development

Customer Reference(s)

Press Release Participation/Support

Partner Communications

Free Passes to Annual Exact Customer & Partner Events




Training and Enablement

Web-based Sales Training

Web-based Technical Training


Technical Call-in Phone Support

Knowledge Database

Additional Benefits

Exact Software Licenses (NFR license for internal testing)

Referral Commission